Avoid Weight Gain This Winter Season

Are you familiar with the clothes shrinking fairy? She seems to do most of her work in the winter, with her grand finale right around April when you go to put on your first pair of shorts since the warm weather retreated.

weight gain winter time

Well, if only that was the reason clothes always seem to fit a bit more snugly after the holiday season! Cookie-baking parties, snack-packed movie marathons on chilly nights, and lost exercise motivation during impossibly short daylight hours are the real culprits for weight gain, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as an inevitable fact of the winter says Dr. Heim of The Center for Health and Age Management in Tampa Bay.

Create a Realistic Strategy for Holiday Eating

If you eat and drink every single thing that looks even partially tempting at every party you attend from Halloween through Valentine’s Day, you’re in for an unpleasant wake-up call upon spring’s arrival. Instead of throwing self-control out the window, avoid the standard “all or nothing!” mindset by being more attentive to the food you do eat and allowing yourself a certain number of indulgences. If you avoid distractedly gobbling down Pigs in a Blanket while simultaneously cheering for your college football team, you’ll remain more aware of what you eat and if you’re even hungry to begin with. To make it possible to eat only a few select desserts, remind yourself that there is always next time! You don’t need to eat everything; brownies won’t cease to exist after the party ends!

Don’t Be Fooled By Holiday Drinks

It may be hard to look a Starbucks PSL in the eyes and tell it you’re breaking up, but those calories equate to one large meal! Whipped cream topping, sugary lattes, and warm apple cider are wintertime favorites, and while a treat every now and then won’t hurt anything, incorporating these drinks into your daily routine will put you on the fast track to weight gain. If you must have your gingerbread latte then use it as an incentive after a great workout week or completion of an important project at work.


Every workout doesn’t need to break a world record, but moving daily in some capacity is vital to staying fit in the winter time. On very busy days your workout might just need to be climbing the steps rather than taking the escalator and doing a few squats while you brush your teeth, but other days you can take the time for a full cardio session. If you’re struggling with inspiration try a workout video; you won’t have to leave the house to workout, and the incredibly inspiring people in the video can push you past your normal limits.

It only takes a few simple steps to avoid unwanted weight gain throughout the winter. By April you can be trying on those shorts for the first time and breathe a sigh of relief that the clothes shrinking fairy stayed far away from your closet over the winter! If all else fails, you can always consult with a medical clinic about their weight management programs like the ones offered by Dr. Heim in Tampa, Florida.

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