Avoid Winter Weight Gain this Season!

weight gain winterWhen the sun sets before you’ve left work, the temperature is steadily dropping on your drive home, and that cozy comfortable bed seems to be shouting for your company, it can be very difficult to talk yourself into working out. Add monthly holidays of guilty indulgent meals into the equation, and by February you’re wondering why your pants have shrunk two sizes. Or wait, have you gained two sizes? Gaining winter weight is frustrating, but it can be totally avoided by following these simple tips courtesy of Midwest Aesthetics in Kansas City.

Incentivize Your Workouts

Winter isn’t the easiest time of year to amp yourself up into a calorie-busting workout, so if you need to, bribe yourself! If all you want to do is binge-watch your favorite Netflix series, don’t let yourself watch an episode until you’ve finished your run or completed your lifting routine. Or maybe treat yourself to a skinny latte or a new workout accessory for every week that you complete your 5 full workouts.

Squeeze More Movement Into Daily Tasks

When all else fails, you can always burn extra calories without really knowing it. Take the stairs, volunteer to carry groceries from the car, and park as far away from work or the store as you can. You could even start doing squats while you brush your teeth and calve raises as you wash the dishes. Every little bit counts.

Don’t Arrive Hungry!

The holidays are a time of social get-togethers and dinner parties, which equals extra temptation. Arriving to a party hungry is a recipe for disaster, because appetizers of choice are rarely healthy, fiber-filled fruits and veggies. Alcohol, carbohydrates, and sugars reign supreme at parties and can void your day’s workout entirely. Instead of falling into that trap, eat something healthy before you leave the house and just nibble on the best snack choices once you arrive.

It only takes a few simple steps to avoid unwanted weight gain throughout the winter. By April the sun will be back and you’ll feel a renewed energy to prepare for bikini season. In the meantime, consider Kansas city coolsculpting treatments at our medical spa this winter to keep the weight off for good.


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